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Let’s visit Kamrangirchar, the capital of Bangladesh

Let’s visit Kamrangirchar, the capital of Bangladesh

The people of our city have to be busy six days a week. After six busy days, everyone wants a little peace for the rest of the day. And it’s better to be able to go out with your family somewhere in the city on that holiday.

But where is the peace of walking in the crowd and hustle and bustle of the city! There is no time to leave the city and go somewhere far away, because the holiday is only one day!

So the search for a beautiful place in the city may not be known to many. I was talking about Kamrangirchar in the capital. The place is slowly becoming a place of entertainment for many due to its beautiful natural environment and open space.

It is located south of Lalbagh and west of the river Buriganga. There is a seating area a little after the road. If you go there you will find natural weather. Buriganga river in front, rows, and rows of trawlers and boats. There are also opportunities to travel to Buriganga by renting hundreds of dinghy boats here.

So the area is now crowded with people enjoying these beauties every day. People are increasingly interested in the place as it is very close to the city.

Many people come here on morning and afternoon trips. However, if recreational facilities are developed, it can be a potential tourist spot – that’s what people who come here think.

How to get there:

A battery-powered autorickshaw can be reached from Azimpur Maternity in Dhaka in 15 to 20 minutes. You can go to Kamrangirchar by rickshaw from Azimpur or Lalbagh fort.

Besides, if you want to go from Sadarghat, you can get on the Sadarghat-Mohammadpur bus and get off at Lohar Bridge and take a rickshaw. And visit Kamrangirchar


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