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Liberal Arts

One autumn, one hand fills the briefcase. Lying on the ground with poems and novels written by Shakespeare and Yates. And to walk in the ornament of the colored leaves of the tree from time immemorial. How would it feel to read a book while listening to a Summer Night song under a bot tree standing with its head held high? Liberal Arts

One autumn, one hand fills the briefcase. Lying on the ground with poems and novels written by Shakespeare and Yates.

Probably very few people in this world know that or understand such a hobby and work in very few people. In such a corporate age, there is nothing wrong with thinking that these poetic hobbies are superior.

But still, some people could not eat that corporate everything. That nature is still alive in this world as a poet. It is understood when people of this same tribe meet each other. Well, if you have a partner next to the autumn? No, nothing else just to give you company? The two of them will say different quotes taken from the book. And I will discuss them, how do you feel? It should be good. It should feel a little better.

Jesse, (Josh Radnor), a New York City College Admissions Officer, was suddenly invited to retire by his ex-Sir Peter, (Richard Jenkins). Peter, who was his professor at Hero Hero when he was an undergraduate. So Jesse returned to his Kenyon College in Gambier, Ohio campus where he graduated. The green campus and nostalgia forced him to liquefy, and as he came, he was completely liquid.

Despite Peter’s unwillingness to retire, he is saddened by the fact that he has to retire, but he invites everyone to his retirement party. The girl introduces him. Zibby is currently studying theater development at the same college. Anyway, did I tell you about Jesse’s age? It is good to know that Jesse is now 35 years old.

Liberal Arts

It’s not that they’ve fallen in love with each other, but they’ve fallen in love with their idealistic narrative. I mean, what if I said, ‘What if there’s a lady next to me in the fall?’ No, nothing else just to give you company? The two of them will quote from different books and discuss them. Although it is normal for Zibby to talk about these books and stories, Jesse is very hungry to talk about them.

Every fresher graduate is attracted to senior graduates. Just as it is normal, a passing graduate will love his previous environment, literature, or literary conversation, but it will also be normal for the new graduate. But the gap of 18 years can never be ignored.

Jesse is really thirsty but he is thirsty for literature, books, and stories. This means it’s about to be the most delusional time of the year, as Nat (Zac Efron) is on campus, claiming that the boy is not like everyone else, and that Dean (John Magaro) is always walking around with David Foster Wallace’s Infinite Jes book and criticizing Foster’s work. After meeting.

Jesse’s fascination is more towards books, literature and the people involved. Which we realize after meeting another character Judith (Allison Janney), that Jesse was a madam professor of romantic poetry and Jesse’s Secret Crush because Poetry is better than Jesse.

Everything about Elizabeth Olsen’s story, playing a 19-year-old girl and making everyone fall in love with her, and the skill she has shown in maturing with a senior graduate of the 18-year gap is unmatched. Many pictures of love have emerged in this one character.

I said a lot about “Liberal Arts” if you want to get lost for a while, the movie theater is waiting for you. And if you are a fan of literature, then why are you waiting?

I will end with a line-

“You know some days are like a gift,

and some days suck but all are that is okay. ”


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