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Life Is Beautiful is a movie that touches the mind.

Life Is Beautiful is a movie that touches the mind

Life Is Beautiful is a movie that touches the mind. Through this movie, I have seen a shining example of love, optimism, courage, and strength of mind, I have seen an unquenchable desire to keep the people I love well, I have seen the definition of a solid human feeling and a wonderful father-son relationship.

The beauty of those cannot be captured through writing. This is where the success of the name of the movie is where life is shown to be meaningful and meaningful.

» Life is Beautiful (1997)

People: Comedy. Romance. Drama

IMDB rating: 7.8 / 10

Director: Roberto Binini (also Writer and lead actor)

Country: Italy

Measuring the depth of the story, the great combination of humor and emotion is called “Life is Beautiful”. You get emotional in the second half of the movie just like you laugh and roll in the first half of the movie. If you want to give a basic idea about the story of the movie, you have to break it into two parts

➨First half:

A young Jewish-Italian man goes to Guido to work with his uncle. On the way I met a school teacher named “Dora”. Guido likes to see Dora first. Then came one comedy after another.

The events of the beginning of the movie could have been written in more detail but it would have ruined the real fun of the movie.

➨Second half:

The second part of the movie shows Guido living happily in peace with his wife and one son. But the big left, the political environment in Italy began to fade. The German army captured the Jews and sent them to concentration camps.

On the day of the boy’s birthday, Guido and his son and uncle were captured by German troops at a concentration camp. At the same time, his wife voluntarily left with them in this sad camp. On the way, his son asks, “Dad, where are we going?” Guido hides the truth of their current condition from his son through various humorous incidents.
There are various ways to describe the shelter of imagination. Then began the struggle for survival in their camp.

The review will be incomplete without special praise from Roberto Binini, the film’s director, one of the scriptwriters, and lead actor. Nazarkara has kept the whole movie alive by acting. In addition, the award for Best Actor at the Oscars and nomination in the other two categories as a result of doing three works together.

The film won Best Foreign Film, Best Actor, and Best Music at the 81st Academy Awards (Oscars), and was nominated for four more Oscar categories.

Roberto Binini at the time of receiving the Oscar award

Moreover, the two actors who played Guido’s wife and son also showed their great performances. Another piece of information is that Dora, who played the wife of Roberto Binini in the movie, is also his real-life wife.

The movie is a great show of comedy, romance, and father-son love at the same time. If you haven’t seen the movie already, give it a try, I promise you won’t waste your time.


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