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Fight in a strong and aesthetic presentation

Fight in a strong and aesthetic presentation

World War II ended more than six decades ago. So far no fewer movies have been made about this war. It seems that all the stories told about this long war have been heard. But director “Martin Jandvlit” filmed a whole new story in his “Land of Mine” movie.

On May 8, 1945, Hitler’s suicide unofficially ended World War II. Even after the end of the war, its terrible consequences lasted for a long time. When the countries of Europe were engaged in social and economic reconstruction, the Germans were in a quandary. German forces began detaining prisoners of war in neighboring countries.

During the war, Hitler’s forces buried more than two million “land mines” on the west coast of Denmark. At the end of the war, the mines were defused by the captured prisoners. More than two thousand prisoners of war were recruited. Most of whom could not return alive.

The responsibility of clearing the coastal mines fell on the grumpy Danish Sergeant Rasmussen. 14 German prisoners of war were sent under his command. They were tasked with the arduous and deadly task of deactivating 45,000 landmines on the beach. Rasmussen promised that they would be able to return to the country within three months if they could deactivate the submarine and secure the beach.

With the uncertainty of life, 14 teenagers started planting mines in their strong desire to return to the country. Some of them are not yet 20 years old. Towards the end of the war, they were forcibly sent to meet the shortage of troops. Most of whom have never seen a mine before.

They have been picking up mines for two days in a row. Lying in the sand, he saw the mine leaves. Then open the head patch and deactivate one mine at a time. But stay away from food, not a drop of water has been added so far. Sergeant Rasmussen is not worried about this. Let them die without eating or exploding; It doesn’t matter.

Fight in a strong and aesthetic presentation

Around the food crisis in war situations. Everyone suffers from stomach ailments by stealing and eating animal food. One died after vomiting on a mine. A few more exploded with a little carelessness. Fear of death spread from all around. The long-cherished dream of returning home faded. Can’t trust the sergeant’s promise anymore. Will you be able to survive until all the mines are removed? This question strikes again and again.

The movie reveals the tragic end of the lives of some teenagers as a result of the war. They were forcibly sent to war. But there was talk of staying in school or college at this time. Only born in Germany, they have to face the wrath of strong revenge. But they had nothing to do with the original war.

Millions of such people have to accept the terrible situation during the war. This is just one of the thousands of stories. We may not realize the horrors of the original war. But I can guess a little through these stories.

People are born for their country, soil, and its people. Just think how much hope people can have for returning to the country!

Fight in a strong and aesthetic presentation

The most powerful aspect of Land Of Mine is “acting”. “Ronald Moller” has done a great job as a sergeant. Even the teenagers in the military character did not skimp on pouring their whole out. A handsome boy; It is as if the body is scattered; Seeing is believing !!

The whole movie is filmed in the North-Sea Nature Park, pastures and beaches on the west coast of Denmark. The camera work was admirable. Although built in the modern era, it still has the obsession of the war moment. The anger and mood of the characters give birth to real feelings. Looking at some of the scenes, it seems that I am actually observing everything.

The European movie’s specialty is its own color tone. The color tones do an extra good job of making movies. The main theme of the movie is the extraordinary acting skills and construction style. While the ending may seem predictable, the suspense will eventually keep you on screen.

The German and Danish language movie was released on December 3 last year. History, War Genre movie got 69% fresh in Rotten Tomato and 7.6 in IMD. So far, Bagi has won 16 international awards and 14 nominations. Bhuisi has garnered critical acclaim.

Fight in a strong and aesthetic presentation (Land of Mine)

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