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Foreign Movie: Source Code- The story of a cycle

Source Code- The story of a cycle

Movie Review Source Code (Spoiler Alert) –

A weird movie. Hawa: I thought for a while – what exactly did I see!!

The story is about pure sleep deprivation. The train woke up in a daze, and Captain Kalta called out Steven. He opened his eyes and saw a beautiful woman looking at him with enchanted eyes. He had never seen this Aphupaka in his life. The girl is calling him Shawn. Captain Steven: Spot remembers he was a captain. He was riding in a helicopter with the Taliban and was fighting in Afghanistan.

He can’t remember exactly how he got on this train from there! Why is the girl calling him Shawn! Not only that, but the Captain stood in the mirror and looked at the other side. “Shawn! In the history of a school teacher, there was an explosion and he reached a closed door.

In front: a woman. The name is Goodwill. Stevenov Lagatah: In the end he talks about a strange phenomenon. At 8:48 a.m. today, a train in Chicago exploded. Where everyone goes mad. The man named Apapupa Mani and Shaun is also known. At the moment, Steven is playing the role of Shawn. Before Steven could say anything, Aba heard him and took him back to the world. Now he’s trying to figure out what’s going on.

The bomber struck shortly afternoon in front of a crowd of mourners. Goodwill was forced to talk to Stevenৱ, a senior woman, who was stunned by the answers to so many questions. The senior says a lot of weird stories. Capt. Steven is now experimentally part of the Quantum Matanics cycle, or in Bengali a chronological cycle.

We know that even if the lights are turned off in a hurry, some aura stays for a while. In the same way, even if a person dies, some parts remain active even if only for a while. But people have an advantage. At the end of that death, in 7 minutes, the memory can be seen in the brain. Named after Shawn, this person has been linked to the last 7 minutes. It’s as if he’s been able to use the memory aid to gather information and prevent an attack. But no matter what happens in this cycle, no matter who is saved, in real life this result is absolutely zero.

Steve goes back to Abe. However, he is now a little different. Captain Steven was killed in the war in Afghanistan. Goodwill finally acknowledges the truth. Yes, Steven has died, but some parts of his brain and brain are still active. Which survives in Life Sarpot. With the help of software, one brain is connected to another brain. Everything is a delusion because he himself is not looking at everything.

Although Captain Steve was devastated, his patriotism, sense of responsibility, and letting his father listen to his speech at his death brought him back to life, and he found the assailant and his identity. According to sources, the attacker was later found in the real world and the next attack was stopped. It’s time to dump her and move on. But Steven fell in love with that girl.

He asked. He wants to save the girl. To stop the bombing. Let’s see what happens. Goodwill sat down, and inadvertently sent Abe back to Steve. However, he will not come back this time. Cowan Steve Goodwill has promised to end Steven’s life support anyway while he is in the cycle. So that he can get a beautiful death loan. He wants to spend the last 8 minutes of his life with the girl. The name is Catherine.

Movie: The funniest and weirdest way to turn the mood is right here.

Directed by Duncan Jones and starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Michelle Monaghan, the movie was released in 2011 and grossed ৭ 147.3 million worldwide. Since the IMDb rating is 7.5 / 10, I think it should be seen everywhere.

To me, that movie is the most extraordinary. Which is the last air in the chest. And this movie is such a movie.


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