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Krishnapakkha is a good picture of evil in the crowd of evil pictures

Krishnapakkha is a good picture of evil in the crowd of evil pictures

– A rural girl named Kusum. Even in the face of scarcity, he is agile and has a simple life. Loves music, And loves his wise brother. He holds the indomitable passion of first love in his chest. And the day Kusum gets married to someone else, that long-suppressed emotion consumes her soul; Absolutely silent. I was talking about the film on the day of Shravan Megh by renowned producer, writer Humayun Ahmed. That last scene in the Shravan Cloud Day photo; That is, when Kusum’s body is carried on his shoulder, his mother shouts, “Poison is eating”… or the last song of Moti Bhai, “Shoya Chan Pakhi, I am calling you to sleep”; Such emotionally beautiful scenes on film screens are rare not only in our country but also in world cinema.

But Humayun Sir did not have technology or budget. Not only Shravan Megher Din but in all the films of Humayun Ahmed we see all the extraordinary simple characters and all the dialogues with simple emotions and all the scenes that touch the heart.

Riaz and Mahi in Krishnapaksha

There are many reasons to bring the day of Shravan Megha in Krishnapaksha’s review.

First, Krishnapaksha is everyone’s favorite fiction writer, the revered Humayun Sir is another emotional novel film form. Second, the producer of the film is not only a novice filmmaker, but also the man of Humayun Sir’s love, his wife; With whom he has in many ways an absolute emotional relationship. And he is the one who is the flower of the day of Shravan Megha; Whom I personally respect as an actress.

So, needless to say, Krishnapaksha was just an emotion to ask for the film. Beautiful, artistic emotion that emerges on the silver screen.

Shawn had everything to create that artistic emotion on screen. Emotionally beautiful story, character and emotionally filled his own chest. Has he been able to evoke that emotion on screen?

Shaon’s efforts as a producer for Krishna have caught my eye. Not as a shadow of Humayun Sir, but as an inspiration, Shawn has tried to create a style of his own; Which is admirable. But the way the actors speak dialogue is mostly reminiscent of Humayun Ahmedian style and as an audience, it was a place of my complaint.

For Krishna, Shawn has given more importance to the emotional relationship between Muhib and his sister than the love affair of “Aru Muhib” and that is a very good aspect as one. Not to mention the fact that the producer has managed to bring some of his own films to the novel without following them exactly. But even then, the chemistry of Aru-Muhib did not come at all for Shaon’s Krishna. Even the emotional relationship between Muhib and his sister could not touch the heart. Where there was chaos. Rather small characters, such as Aru’s sister, Muhib’s friend’s wife, that passenger family of Muhib’s car, the driver; Even the younger Muhib, his sister, Mr. Abrar; Everyone seems to be much more alive and enjoyable.

Since the main characters could not touch the heart, no extraordinary creation could take place despite the possibility of Krishnapakkha. The problem was in the screenplay, the problem was in the casting.

Riaz and Mahi

The main characters in the screenplay move in a hurry. Muhib, the stability that others demand is not in the screenplay. And in casting, the 28-year-old simple-minded extraordinary Muhib can never develop himself in his forties. There is no doubt that Riaz is a very good actor. Such a character is rightly claimed by Riaz’s actor.

But the Riaz of 20 years ago and the Riaz of today cannot be one under any circumstances. Especially in a character like Muhib, today’s Riaz is not realistic at all. Mahiya Mahi, on the other hand, has acted well in this film despite being a fairly good actress. In this film, he seems to be very mature. Even if Mahir’s performance is not flawed, I want someone more gentle and more natural in the other characters.

Many of the supporting cast were more natural in terms of acting. Moutussi Biswas played the role of Aru’s sister, Muhib’s friend played the role of wife, Muhib as a child, his sister, even Tania Ahmed and Azad Abul Kalam were good.

The songs in the picture could not support the picture. His songs were also epic fail, especially because of the epic failure in Riaz Casting. Otherwise, it would be nice to listen to Humayun Ahmed’s songs.

Editing and filming were not very easy, but they were flexible.

All in all, Shawn’s first attempt at the film was nothing short of awful. Shawn’s honest efforts as a producer have caught my eye. However, the general quality screenplay and the mismatched cast did not give the film the emotion or magic of Humayun Ahmed’s story or character. This can be a good option to have a good time sitting down if the air conditioning is controlled.

Krishnapakkha is a good picture of evil in the crowd of evil pictures

I will give the picture 8 out of 10 (3/5 *)



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