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Batman VS Superman – Dawn of Justice (2016) Ultimate Edition Review

The ultimate edition of the most controversial movie of 2017 ‘Batman vs. Superman-Dawn of Justice’ has been released.
A few days ago, an extra 30 minutes was added which made the two-and-a-half-hour movie released in the theater 3 hours. After the release of the movie, the two-and-a-half-hour theater cut received a huge amount of negative reviews from viewers and critics all over the world, which also had an effect on the movie’s box office.

The movie did good business in the first weekend but came in the second weekend and ate a historic drop. Batman VS Superman
Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation.
This is considered as a ‘Box Office Disappointment’ as it is quite lucrative but does not do business as expected.

At first, after watching the two-and-a-half-hour theatrical cut of the movie, I, like other viewers and critics, wrote a post criticizing the movie, mentioning the various mistakes and errors of the movie, and finally, after watching the 3-hour ultimate edition of the movie, I did not write anything.

One of the complaints was about the two-and-a-half-hour theater cut.
That there is no story in this movie. Just the fight between the two superheroes and their subsequent reunion to whitewash the main villain, as well as the story in the movie is very messy, slow, not properly arranged, and full of lots of questions and plotholes, besides the ‘Martha’ debate.
Then after watching the 3-hour Ultimate Edition, the current opinion is that there can be no better story than this.
The story is beautifully arranged and every detail of the story is focused on the subject.
The subtleties of many small scenes were omitted in those two and a half hours. As a result, the appeal of the whole movie was ruined and a huge plothole was created. The extra scenes in the Ultimate Edition have a lot of small aesthetic and emotional scenes that have made the movie’s character development and movie making extraordinary.

The depth and emotions of the characters of ‘Batman’ and ‘Superman’ in the movie are further strengthened by those extra scenes. The first two-and-a-half-hour version of “Superman” had nothing to do with it. but in the extra scenes of the Ultimate Edition, “Superman” has been given the most prominence.

The plot of Lex Luther to frame Superman, the helplessness of Superman, and the anger of Bruce Wayne towards Superman.
Everything is revealed in this Ultimate Edition, as well as the unspoken love of ‘Bruce’ and ‘Clark’ for the mother in the ‘Martha’ scene which didn’t seem at all unreasonable.

Batman VS Superman


Batman or Bruce Wayne is the lifeblood of Batman vs. Superman-Dawn of Justice.
One of the main allegations of the movie was that it was imported from scratch without origin and shown to Batman.
I also could not accept the matter. But after watching the Ultimate Edition, it now seems that the way Batman is presented in this movie, the scene of the murder of his parents, everything that has become ‘Batman’ as a symbol of little Bruce, can be nothing more than the best introduction of ‘Batman’.
In fact, in the two-and-a-half-hour theatrical version, Batman could not have filled my mind at all without the origin of so many characters in such a short time.
But in this 3-hour movie, Bruce Wayne, along with other characters, has been developed in a way that goes beyond the origins of Captain America-Civil War, as well as Black Panther.

The best character development from ‘Black Panther’ was in this 3-hour version of ‘Batman’. Just as watching Black Panther without Origin seemed like a familiar character to me for ages, I have forgotten about Christopher Nolan’s Batman in this Ultimate Edition. However, no matter how perfectly ‘Batman’ is portrayed in this movie, as I’ve said before, Ben Affleck’s ‘Batman’ deserves a solo movie with an original story that should have been made into ‘Batman’. Versus Superman ‘before the movie.

If ‘Superman’ is fully reborn by making ‘Man of Steel’ with the original story of ‘Superman’, then why this neglect in the case of ‘Batman’? I can’t believe it and I will never believe it and the regret of watching ‘Batman’ without the origin of ‘Ben Affleck’ will remain forever.

The main complaint in the Batman vs. Superman-Dawn of Justice movie was Bruce Wayne’s 3 dream scenes that the general public who do not read comics.
It went over their heads and only comic fans enjoyed it. I think the movie that formed the basis of the ‘Justice League’ movie that went straight without the original and the solo movie was the one that quickly signaled such a big critical theme like ‘Man Bat’, ‘Dark Said’, and ‘Injustice’. There was the biggest mistake of the manufacturers and the biggest mistake is being made.
৩ Added 3 symbolic scenes to the movie theater cut.

Batman VS Superman

There is no certainty as to when a movie will be made with these themes or a movie will be made at all, but because of these 3 themes, a heap of confusion has created a theatrical version of those two and a half hours.
Due to the short run time of the movie, non-comic viewers could not match the story of the movie as they considered those scenes as an important part.
Due to which the scenes are stuck in their heads due to not understanding and they have become frustrated and annoyed but those 3 scenes did not have much effect in the 3 hour run time of Ultimate Edition.
In the Ultimate Edition, non-comic viewers will be able to enjoy the movie by focusing on the rest of the story, even if they don’t understand the scenes easily. Because those 3 scenes in the 3-hour ultimate edition are so insignificant that it is doubtful whether anyone will remember them after the end of the movie.
So those 3 scenes are fine for the Ultimate Edition but extremely unsuitable for theatrical cuts. It is said that the moon also has a stigma. The Ultimate Edition of ‘Batman vs. Superman’ washed away all the accusations and criticisms but could not erase a stigma.
And that is Jesse Eisenberg’s, Lex Luther. The actor’s two-and-a-half-hour theatrical cut version of the movie has caused a lot of annoyance by imitating ‘Shahrukh Khan’ in the whole movie.

Director Jack Snyder has received a lot of criticism from critics and viewers for the two-and-a-half-hour theatrical cut version of the Batman vs. Superman-Dawn of Justice movie. But now, after watching the 3-hour Ultimate Edition, they are ready to praise ‘Jack Snyder’.
The same is true of me.

Batman VS Superman

Now we know that Jack wanted to make a 3-hour movie at the theater. Even for the convenience of the viewers, the arrival of ‘Stephen Wolf’ as a post-credit scene like ‘Marvel’ as a hint of ‘Justice League’ was wanted in the movie. But there was nothing that he did to cause it.
He is Warner Bros.

The movie that could have been the best superhero movie of all time with the extraordinary production of ‘Jack Snyder’ due to the wise decision of ‘Warner Bros.’, has not been able to show its face at ‘Rotten Tomato’, ‘IMDb’ and box office today. ‘Jack Snyder’ has always been one of my favorite directors. I fell in love with ‘Superman’ after watching his ‘Man of Steel’.
Seeing ‘Superman’ present on screen in such a perfect way. Then I was surprised to see the theatrical cut of ‘Batman vs. Superman’.
Is this the creation of my favorite ‘Jack Snyder’? There was great anger and resentment. To me. Finally, after watching the Ultimate Edition, I let out a sigh of satisfaction and said to myself, ‘That’s My Zack Snyder, Hat’s Off.
After watching the theater cut, I had no expectations about the ‘Justice League. But now I’m looking forward to watching Jack Snyder’s Justice League. No matter how much Jack Snyder is vandalized, his storytelling ability is deadly in the midst of this vandalism. The way Batman is without an original movie.

He has established and turned ‘Superman’ into a legend by ‘Man of Steel’.
I can rely on him with my eyes closed. I don’t think Warner Bros. has ever made the right decision in life, except for one, with Jack Snyder in charge of creating the base for the DC Extended Cinematic Universe.

After all, after watching the Ultimate Edition, there is no limit to the regrets now that if this version had been played in theaters, the tragedy would not have happened to this movie today. Everyone read a proverb more or less when they were younger, remember? “Biblical knowledge, wealth in hand. Neither knowledge nor wealth, if needed ”. As many superhero rights as Marvel and DC have in the hands of other productions, they have all played twelve of those characters.

For example, ‘Twentieth Century Fox’ has raped ‘Fantastic Four’ and ‘X-Men’ timeline has been messed up. Sony has rescued Spiderman’s gang and now has no choice but to join hands with Marvel and Warner Bros. in the past stories about Batman and Superman, including Batman and Superman. If they had lived in reality, they would have drowned in the Ganges voluntarily in so many days. All these productions know only to make money themselves.

They don’t care about the emotions and passions of the audience. During the making of Fantastic Four (2015), Fox had a similar problem with director Josh Trunk.

They didn’t like the movie made by ‘Josh’ so they later removed ‘Josh’ and rescheduled ‘Fantastic Four’ in a different way, the consequences of which are very well known after the release of the movie. Josh Trunk later lamented on his Twitter account that if his version had been released, there would have been a fantastic review. That’s exactly what happened with Jack Snyder.

Batman VS Superman

Now I understand how ‘Marvel’ made 14 movies in 9 years in a row and made ‘Marvel Cinematic Universe’, all of which are critically and commercially successful. Because, ‘Marvel’ is a comic in itself, a production in itself.
Before 2006, Iron Man was kicking in the doors of all Hollywood productions, but Marvel finally started producing on its own without relying on others to build Iron Man, and since then Marvel has not had to look back because Marvel “Kevin Fagg, a man in the chair of the president who knows how to handle business and public sentiment together.

how to win the hearts of both critics and box office,” he said.
Finally, the hope is that at least Ben Affleck will be in charge of the creative control, executive producer, and management of the 2016 Future ‘Batman’ solo movie, and the ‘Justice League’ will have ‘Jack Snyder’ as well as the famous American comic book and telly. Film and television producer Jeff Jones has also been given the responsibility of the entire DC Extended Cinematic Universe.

Now I will only pray that mistakes like ‘Batman vs. Superman’ are not repeated in the movie ‘Justice League.
And if Warner Bros. does not learn from this movie, then we can close our eyes and say that the future of ‘DC Extended Cinematic Universe’ has a lot of misfortune in the future… !!!

Batman VS Superman


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