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Motherhood – the story of a father

Motherhood – the story of a father

Thousands and millions of people live on this side of a busy city. Although there are many differences between these people, they all belong to the same category. ‘Ordinary people’ or ‘Mango public’. Yes, the lion’s share of so many people in society is ordinary people.

Those who are happy with small dreams. Those who want to be happy by spending the night with their family members at the end of the day. They do not want to understand the abominable customs of the country or society, they do not want to know the violent thoughts of the Raghav-Boals.

They want a little peace at the end of the day, a desire to survive. Here it is! But even after that, from time to time, from time to time, these ordinary people of the society have had to be sacrificed and are facing a disgusting policy.

That policy is the policy of kings, that policy is called politics! ‘Motherhood’ – the story of a father

Madari is the story of a father and son who fell victim to hateful politics. The Madari movie is set against the backdrop of a metro bridge collapse in Andheri, India in 2012.

The movie is directed by Nishikant Kumut. The director has matched his own skills in this movie like his previous movies (Force, Scene, Rocky Handsome).

The main actor Irrfan Khan was as awesome as ever. I am really impressed once again with his realistic acting and I want to be fascinated again and again. Special Bansal was also excellent as a child artist. Jimmy Shergill was also perfect as another important character in the movie (a serious cop). I know why I like him a little more in this kind of cop character. And yes, some of the ‘dialogues’ of the movie were quite good and meaningful which can be said to be another good aspect of this movie. ‘Motherhood’ – the story of a father

Coming to the climax of the story you have to find answers to several questions. Although all the answers are known to you, knowing everything again seems to be unknown. Don’t be surprised if you finish the movie with zero one wailing chest. Maybe real life is like that or even harder.   Facebook


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