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KGF Chapter 2 Full Movie Review

KGF Chapter 2 Full Movie Review

KGF : 2 – [2022] = TIME BOOM

The film manages to entertain as well as inform. What will happen to Rocky or what action will Rocky take now? Breathtaking screenplay.

Story: – After Rocky took possession of KGF, the fire started behind everyone. I mean everyone. Government starts from the crime ward. Everyone runs after Rocky and Rocky’s attitude, “My Jukega Nehi” – type.
Well, who was more brutal/terrible… (?)
Rocky brother or Adhira…

There are no heroes in this movie, everyone is a monster. No one talks to anyone. The story goes to a crazy level. There are special surprises for you.
There are some scenes in the film (entry scene) full of gossip. This entry is not just a character intro. Scene of entry in the context of special events. I said what will happen now – (?) What is the scene?

I have to say about Adhira: –

Horror movie ghosts don’t seem to be as frightening as their screen-presenters are. Plus point here is the background music. This two-lied music is compatible with To loud and film. The real reason for the buzz bump. Like Slow-Mo. And some of the top-angle camera shots, the scenes were epic.

Talk about rubbing salt in my wounds – d’oh!
The bad news for our physicists is that “here you don’t get a chance to study physics.” But yes, you get the chance to be an economist.

Color palette – Dark, Deep, Yellow, Gray, Green Sad. Throughout the secondary and tertiary grading of film. If you calculate this way, you will get a vibe of 300 films.

The scenes are epic

Best character after Sanjay Dutt’s Adhira (KFG) Kanchar (Agneepath). His performance was deadly. Yas’s dedication was eye-catching Ravina Tandon was also good. I am not revealing the names of others. They also cracked. The special attraction of production design, costumes & hair styling film. Like it.

Director – Prashant Neel presents his best work. Which he himself can no longer go to the top – no doubt.


There was no chance of getting bored during the whole film. Storytelling is great. Hindi dubbing is good. But Yas’s KGF voice was better. And there are some point break dialogs that create excitement. There is also a reverse dialog (like KGF).

Box-office ideas: 1500+ business guaranteed. Only time will tell if he will be able to break the record. However, it will not have a collection below 1500 crores.

[This will be a milestone for the South Indian film]

You can download the movie from Moviesbd (Moviesbd.Net) site. Sorry for not being able to share the direct download for that copyright issue.


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