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NASA has revealed the ‘strange sound’ of space

NASA has revealed the ‘strange sound’ of space

The NASA spacecraft Apollo 10, which carried three astronauts to the back of the moon in 1989, was isolated from Earth for several hours. At that time all three astronauts could hear a strange sound and they heard that sound for about an hour.

The recording of that strange sound has been kept secret for so long, but it was recently released by the US space agency NASA, according to Sky News. The astronauts on the Apollo 10 spacecraft were Thomas Stafford, John Young, and Higuain Cernan. It was these astronauts who heard the strange sound they called “outer-space-type music” at the time.

A NASA engineer said the noise was caused by radio waves. But another NASA astronaut named Al Warden did not agree to accept the matter so easily. In this context, Warden’s commentary is, “The logic tells me that if there are some records, there must be some.”

Not only the Apollo 10 astronauts but also the Apollo 11 astronaut Michael Collins wrote in his book about the strange sound, “Luckily, the sound was reported from NASA, otherwise I would have been terrified.”

The moon always revolves around the earth in one direction and no radio signal from the earth reaches the back of the moon.


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