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Science World- How big is the sun

Science World- How big is the sun

No matter how far we look at our solar system, there is nothing bigger than the sun – no scientist would want to go into the debate. However, a recent study found that the sun may be much larger than once.

So far, estimates of the size of the sun have been made based on a 2015 study by German astronomer, Arthur Ever, published in 1891.

Experts from the International Astronomical Union estimate the solar radius to be 695,600 km. Defined.
But now some experts have raised questions about this. In particular, Javier Zubair (who created the eclipse model that works with Google Maps software) and NASA researcher Arnie Wright.
Researchers studying the shadows scattered during an eclipse have said that the idea of ​​the size of the sun has been wrong for so long.

The researchers said that the historic solar eclipse on August 21 this year could prove that the size of the sun, which has been prevalent for the last 200 years, is wrong. In 1891, the German astronomer Arthur Uber first estimated the size of the sun.

He calculated the illuminated outer surface of the sun (which can be seen) and said that the radius of the sun is 6996,000 kilometers.
This information was widely used until 2015. International astronomical experts later updated the solar radius to 6995,600 kilometers based on data from solar observation satellites.

Science World- How big is the sun

Recent research, however, has shown that the previous two estimates are very low. The sun can be much bigger. Xavier Jubayer, in his research, noted that there was a discrepancy between previous estimates of information taken during various historical solar eclipses. He found differences in the length of the shadow by examining the model of the eclipse of different periods of the previous forecast model. “There must be something wrong with the size of the sun, that’s all I can say right now,” Zubair said. NASA researcher Arnie Wright found similar evidence.

Researchers hope that this year’s upcoming solar eclipse, which will probably qualify for the most observed eclipse in history, will give scientists a chance to verify the size of the sun. A team of scientists is already preparing to observe this eclipse.

By keeping the moon covering the sun for a specific position, it is possible to get a reliable measure of our only star.
Science World- How big is the sun


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