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Science World-Why aliens are not found?

Science World-Why aliens are not found?

Why can’t aliens be found? The question of whether human beings exist alone or somewhere in this vast universe is old. Some believe that there is no such thing as an alien in the universe, while others hope that one day people will find aliens. Again, many believe that the aliens themselves will one day find people.

Whether aliens really exist or not – the opportunity to reach a decision on that has not yet come before the people. However, the reasons why people have not yet found the alien include:

Aliens do not exist

As many as 40 billion planets have been found in the universe so far, with hundreds of billions of stars. Even then people may actually be alone. There is no life anywhere else in the universe.

There is no intelligence even if there is life

It is assumed that life exists somewhere or another. But intelligent animals are nowhere to be found.

Lack of advanced technology despite intelligence

Even if intelligent beings existed somewhere in the universe, they may not have the advanced technology to communicate with humans.

Aliens are suicidal

According to the laws of nature, intelligent aliens may have committed suicide within a short period of time. This creates a shortage of time to communicate with people.

• The universe is a place of death

Maybe the universe is a very scary place. Life here can be very fleeting due to many reasons like asteroid collisions, gamma-ray bursts.

• The universe is huge in size

Even at the speed of light, our galaxy would take 100,000 years to complete in Peru. So maybe the distance is an obstacle.

• People didn’t give much time

People probably haven’t had much time yet to go out in search of aliens. Altogether 60 to 70 years have passed. This is not a big-time at all.

We are not looking for the right place

How and where aliens can be found – maybe people haven’t found that way yet.

Alien technology is much more advanced than humans

Maybe the technology of aliens is much more advanced than humans. That’s why the way people are trying to find aliens is not being found.

Aliens are not letting people understand

Scientific people have to follow certain rules and regulations in communicating with the indigenous people of the world. Maybe in the case of humans, the aliens are following the same rules, that is, the aliens are allowing people to be like themselves.

Those aliens are here, people don’t understand

This theory is quite popular among those who believe in conspiracy theories. It is said here that aliens are actually among us, but we do not realize their


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