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Science World – Asteroids collide with Earth this year?

Science World – Asteroids collide with Earth this year?

This scene we are afraid to imagine. If ever our beloved earth collided with a huge cosmic rock. And our world is destroyed?
In fact, we don’t even want to think. That Earth will collide with any other planet in space.

But if we don’t think about it, experts have already warned that this gruesome scene could become a reality this year.

A top NASA astronomer has tweeted a list of five asteroids expected to come close to Earth by next year. Ron Balak, a space explorer at NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California. Tweeted these annoying predictions.

He said that these familiar asteroids would come very close to Earth next year. Then they will be less than five moons away from the earth.

According to Balak, the first such event will occur on July 23 when an asteroid ‘2018 BS5’ with a diameter of 40-90 mm is estimated to be 3.15 moons (652,936 miles) away from Earth.

However, it is assumed. That biggest hit will come on October 12th, when the 2012 TC4 asteroid will be 0.15 moons (35,626 miles) away from Earth.
Fortunately, the asteroid is only 12-26 meters in diameter.

The remaining three injuries will occur on December 3, February 24 and April 2, respectively

In fact, over the past few years, scientists have been trying to deal with the threat posed by these asteroids. Which can hit our earth with very little or no warning.

In 2013, for example, a 56-foot (18-meter) meteor struck Chelyabinsk, Russia, without warning.
More than a thousand people were injured.

To this end, the White House has released an official document entitled “National Audit-Earth Object Preparation Strategy.” Which describes a meteor or asteroid plan to attack us and shows that we are not ready yet.

The document calls for improving our national preparedness to deal with the effects of near-Earth objects (NEOs) by combining existing national and international organizations and adding core competencies to our current capabilities.

This document is a step towards mitigating the risks posed by both large and small SEOs and addressing the ultimate challenge of management.

The United States wants to improve its emergency warning system and invest in high-tech space exploration, which could eliminate the threat.

Late last year, NASA warned that we were not prepared to deal with any asteroid impact.

Dr. Joseph Nath, a researcher at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Maryland, spoke at the annual meeting of the American Geophysical Union last December. “The biggest problem is we don’t have to deal with it right now,” he said.

However, the document further states that the countries need to cooperate with each other in the future to solve this problem.

Asteroids collide with Earth this year



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