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Science World-Unnatural Mars in the rain!

Unnatural Mars in the rain!

Evidence that there was once water on Mars has already been found. New claims by astronomers, the size of the surface of Mars, basins, cavities, the cause of rivers, heavy rainfall. Scientists say the constant change in weather has led to an increase in rainfall. Which causes huge changes in the shape of the planet’s surface. This is exactly the kind of change that is taking place on earth. The geographical location of the Earth and the Moon is very similar to that of Mars. There are two planets and one satellite with rivers, valleys, caves, and basins. Which has been created as a result of heavy rains. Unnatural Mars in the rain

Robert Craddock and Ralph Lorenz, two researchers at Johns Hopkins University in the United States, say that in order to know the cause of the heavy rains on Mars and the loss of water from the planet, it is necessary to know in advance how the planet’s climate changed. According to them, the weather on Mars was different when it was born four and a half billion years ago. As a result of the high-pressure zone, water was in the form of vapor particles. Later the air pressure decreases so much that the water particles become heavier and larger and fall on the surface of the planet at high speed and penetrate the soil and rocks.

Scientists believe that if there had been previous weather, the raindrops on Mars would have been only one millimeter larger in volume than the raindrops on Earth. This study by Craddock and Lorenz makes scientists think anew about the weather on Mars.


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