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A mysterious asteroid three miles wide is coming

An asteroid is basically a rocky object that revolves around its star. The smallest asteroids are much smaller in size than Mercury. A mysterious asteroid three miles wide is coming

Astronomers have discovered a more mysterious type of asteroid floating in the solar system than a strange cigar-shaped asteroid. These three-mile-wide asteroids are floating in the solar system. Russian astronomers are the first to bring to light this mysterious asteroid cluster.

Astronomers have named this asteroid Python 3200. Named after the Greek destroyer Python. The wreckage of this Python asteroid is illuminating the Earth’s sky. Astronomers have expressed concern. It is going to give this planet a jolt before next Christmas.

According to NASA scientists, this asteroid is dangerous but they have forbidden to worry about it. It will cross Earth on December 16 at a distance of 6.4 million miles from Earth’s orbit.

Scientists have so far seen no danger of hitting the Earth. The three-mile-wide asteroid was probably once a very large object, according to a statement from Emanuel Kant Baltic Federal University.

But because of its proximity to the sun over many years, it has been reduced to small pieces and floated in clusters. Which has now taken the shape of meteor showers.

A mysterious asteroid three miles wide is coming


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