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Science world: A huge asteroid came out of the earth

Absolutely the body of the Earth is an asteroid of huge size.! Despite the fears, the whole thing happened safely. A huge asteroid came out of the earth

The asteroid, about a kilometer wide, crossed the Earth a few days ago, the BBC reported. It orbits 1.6 million kilometers from Earth, which is less than five times the distance of the Moon from Earth. The BBC says that this asteroid, known as 2014-JO25, is the largest asteroid to come close to Earth since 2004.
Astronomers, on the other hand, say it was the best time to see the asteroid in the dark of night. And it is known that many people have enjoyed it. An analysis of images captured on NASA radar by the US space agency says the almond-sized asteroid rotates once every five years. According to astronomers, the asteroid moves closer to the earth as it orbits the sun. Jupiter will then cross the planet and then return to the center of the solar system.
The significance of this asteroid approaching Earth is that it came close for a moment after 400 years. Then it will be seen again after about 500 years. In May 2014, the Catalina Sky Survey team found the first JO25 asteroid in a telescope in Tucson, Arizona. Several times a week, small asteroids come close to Earth. But at least this giant asteroid last came closest to Earth in 2004. The asteroid named Toutatis moves within four times the distance of the moon.
A huge asteroid came out of the earth


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