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Mars can carry out a nuclear attack on the Earth!

Mars can carry out a nuclear attack on the Earth!

There is a primitive civilization on Mars called the Martian civilization. That civilization was destroyed by the nuclear attack of the inhabitants of an alien planet. That is what an American physicist is claiming. Mars can carry out a nuclear attack on the Earth

The name of Martian civilization was erased from the bosom of Mars. Scientists claim that the animals of the Martian civilization are named Utopians and Sidonians. They were destroyed in that nuclear attack. Patterns of their genocide can still be found on the chest of Mars.

Scientists are presenting a piece of information from a few years ago in support of their statement. That year there were signs of a thermonuclear explosion on the chest of Mars. Now, U.S. physicists claim that the nuclear explosion was not natural at all, but was systematically planned. Now that information has been further strengthened at the uranium fair on Mars.

Scientists claim that Mars once had the same weather as Earth. Animals and plants were also on the red planet. And here is the danger. If any civilization survives on Mars now, they could strike a nuclear blow to the Earth’s surface. They are collecting various details about the earth from various missions on Mars. However, US physicists claim that this fear is still at the hypothesis stage.



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