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This time NASA wants to touch the sun

This time NASA wants to touch the sun

Expeditions to the moon, Mars, and other distant planets are going on, are going on. But NASA, the US space agency, also wants to touch the blazing sun. They have made this wonderful plan. It is going to be implemented soon. NASA will hold a press conference on the subject today. Preparations for sending a spacecraft to the sun will be revealed there. News from The Guardian. This time NASA wants to touch the sun

This is the first time a spacecraft has been sent to the sun. Because of the survival of an object at such a high temperature. NASA is very optimistic about the mission to Corona, not far from the sun. The temperature there is 5 lakh degrees Celsius or more. Earlier, NDTV reported that NASA plans to send a robotic spacecraft to the solar mission next year. The spacecraft will orbit at a distance of 6 million kilometers to collect information about the atmosphere of the burning sun.

“This is going to be our first mission to the sun,” said NASA scientist Eric Christian. Although it will not be possible to reach the surface of the sun, which is 150 million kilometers away from the earth, the researcher Christian said that this spacecraft will go as close to the sun as possible and find the answers to three important questions. He hopes that from this mission we may learn why the surface of the sun, called the photosphere, is not as hot as its atmosphere corona.

This time NASA wants to touch the sun



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