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The world of science – the search for water on Mars!

The world of science – the search for water on Mars

NASA AS has discovered a water image on Mars, a sea mark has been found in southern Eridania, supplying NASA’s Mera reconnaissance orbiter south of the planet. This information science world – Mars has found water.

It is estimated that Eridania had seas about 3.6 billion years ago. This is because the patterns of coastal hydroelectric activity are found here.
According to researchers, hot water evaporates and forms. Paul Niles of NASA’s Johnson Space Center said the site showed evidence of ocean presence. Just as the earth has hydroelectric power in the depths of the ocean, so it has been found here, there is also a suitable environment for living, no extraordinary weather of life is required. Only if there is soil, heat and water, then every element of it is found in that region of Life Mars.

The researchers also said that the amount of water found in Eridania was not very low and evidence of the presence of the sea was found across about 210,000 kilometers.
Metal alloys have also been found here including Avro and Carbonate Mills. Proof of 6.
The way they have spread, the possibility of having water cannot be ruled out. Signs of lovers have also been found in this area. After the lava evidence, it is clear that volcanoes existed here.
According to Niles, Eridania showed evidence of new astronomical targets on Mars.

All this evidence found in Eridania has opened a new door, not just to Mars.
However, how life came to Earth on Mars could also show a new direction
The world of science – the search for water on Mars



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