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the sun is coming towards the earth in droves

the sun is coming towards the earth in droves

At around 3:30 pm Bangladesh time on Thursday, two terrible explosions took place in the sun. After that catastrophic explosion, fireballs are rushing towards the earth from the sun.
The US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) Space Weather Prediction Center said on Thursday that two solar flares came out of the Sun’s body after the horrific explosion. The second solar spark is impossibly powerful. In the last decade or so, the sun has never been so powerful.
They are so powerful that in solar terms they are called ‘X’ stage solar sparks. One or two of the many sunspots or sunspots on the back of the sun have had that terrifyingly powerful explosion. The name of a spark is ‘X-2.2’. The other is ‘X-9.3’. The eruption of the Sun Spot saw such a powerful ‘X-9’ fireball or sparkling sun in the last Ugro exactly 11 years ago today. In 2006.
According to NASA sources, the huge shells that came out after the two catastrophic explosions in the sun have already shaken the radio waves in space. Not only did it shake, but for more than an hour, the solar flare disrupted all radio communications in the area where the sun was shining. The low-frequency light required for navigation was also greatly weakened by the solar spark for an hour.
NASA solar physicist Rob Steinberg said the catastrophic explosion occurred at the sun’s smallest of the two massive sun spots on the back of the sun. The names of those two regions of the Sun are ‘Active Region (AR) -273’ and ‘Active Region (AR) -264’
the sun is coming towards the earth in droves


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