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Destructive asteroids are coming to earth!

Destructive asteroids are coming to earth!

The impact of asteroids on Earth is not the subject of any science fiction or film. It can happen any day. There has been speculation for a long time, especially about an asteroid named Nibiru. Scientists also believe that this asteroid could be the cause of the destruction of the Earth. In this context, some of the world’s conspiracy theorists have recently made sensational claims. If their claim is true, the world has only a few weeks left.

According to an international media report, the next solar eclipse could be the last day’ of the world. Christian numerologist David Meade fears that the mysterious asteroid Nibiru is rapidly approaching Earth. It could hit the earth this September.

Incidentally, NASA had earlier called Nibiru’s existence an ‘internet rumor’. Although many people still believe in its existence. David claims that he will be seen in the sky before Nibiru hits the earth on September 23.

According to Maya civilization expert James McKenny, civilization disappeared from the face of the earth about 10,000 years ago. Because Nibiru came very close to the earth. He spoke of some ruined cities in South America, for example. The destruction of the earth was mentioned in the Mayan calendar in 2012. However, the service account did not match. If Nibiru’s story is true, only time will tell whether it will happen this time or not.

Destructive asteroids are coming to earth


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