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The world of science – the possibility of life in that place of the solar system

The possibility of life in that place of the solar system

Living creatures are being searched outside our habitable planet. To prove that we are not one in the universe. The possibility of life in that place of the solar system.
Although life outside of Earth has not yet been found, various studies suggest data. That we need to look better outside the solar system.

Seth Shostak, a senior astronomer at the Extraterrestrial Intelligence Institute (SETI), says the idea is that there are multiple places around the earth. Where certain types of microbial life are present.

“We have at least six more places in the solar system. Where rockets can be carried and there could be microbial life,” Shostak told Futurism.

He added that the search for these extrinsic creatures could soon lead to the discovery of intelligent creatures.
Let’s find out now, there are 6 places in the solar system that can hold microbial life in addition to the earth.

The red planet and the moon of Jupiter

Shostak said that the red planet, Mars Mars is definitely one of them. Germs are probably hiding under the dust of Mars, liquid water is probably 30 meters below the surface of the planet or deeper. In addition to Mars, there are three possible locations, Jupiter has 3 satellites. One of them is Europa. Jupiter’s satellite contains a sea of ​​microbial life beneath the surface of Europe. Another possible satellite is Ganymede, the largest satellite in the entire solar system and has an ocean like the Earth’s ocean.
However, it is below the level of dense ice cover. Jupiter’s Colisto satellite also has oceans and atmospheres. The total number of satellites of Jupiter is number.

Saturn is the moon and our favorite dwarf planet

Of Saturn’s 722 satellites, one of the two satellites may contain microorganisms. It contains liquefied natural gas lakes. Another satellite is Enceladus, a more favorable environment. Finding the existence of life here can be easy. This is because the liquid seas of methane and ethane, hidden under the dense ice of this satellite, are rising to the surface like water vapor in intense heat. It would not have happened without life or biological action.

Shostak said there is no need to set foot in Enceladus or dig holes. Life is very likely to exist with the help of just a few liquid samples on Earth.

The last possible place is the dwarf planet, Pluto. Shostak said, ‘There is a possibility of a lot of liquid water beneath the bottom of Pluto. Irrespective of the type of liquid water, liquid water anywhere outside the earth probably has microbial life in those places. But I’m not saying that the planet is Pluto. ‘

These 6 places in the solar system probably have the right biological processes that act as their food or energy source as well as their liquid form. Water alone is not required to maintain microbial life. “You need something that basically provides you with food and gives you the opportunity to make a living that ultimately has the right organic chemistry.”

Asked when the life of an intelligent alien will be found, Shostak said he believes it will be in the next two decades. “We have billions of planets in our galaxy,” he said. There are billions of galaxies in space. Each galaxy contains billions of planets. If there is no life on this innumerable planet, then the existence of life on this earth is really something special. ‘



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