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this is the first search for aliens like Earth

this is the first search for aliens like Earth

For the first time, we have found an alien planet outside our solar system that has an Earth-like atmosphere. The alien name is WASP-121-B. It is located in the constellation WASP-121, 60 light-years from Earth. It will take us 60 years to reach this constellation if it travels at the speed of light.

The news was announced by NASA on Wednesday.

According to NASA, the atmosphere of this alien planet is almost like that of Earth. It also has different levels. At the very bottom is the troposphere, and at the top is the stratosphere. And in that stratosphere, the Hubble Space Telescope has found extremely hot water molecules (water vapor). Scientists are sure that there is water on this alien planet in the Hadis Mela of extremely hot water particles even above the atmosphere of the planet.

The atmosphere is what is needed more than liquid water to create life. There is only one reason why the atmosphere of any alien planet has not been matched for so long. That is, cosmic radiation has destroyed the planet’s atmosphere. Or, the gravitational force of that planet is so low that even if there was an atmosphere at some point, those planets could not hold their atmosphere for long because of the weak gravitational force. That atmosphere has flown into space.

The only exception here is the new alien WASP-121-B. The Hubble Space Telescope has seen that the atmosphere of that alien planet is quite thick. There is also a considerable amount of stratosphere above it. There are even water molecules in that stratosphere. As a result, this discovery opened the door to strong possibilities for the search for life in the universe.

this is the first search for aliens like Earth


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