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Science World- Lake on Mars! New picture on NASA camera

Science World- Lake on Mars! New picture on NASA camera

Since 2011, NASA’s Opportunity Rover has been experimenting with a huge hole in Mars.

Named the Endeavor Crater, the hole is about 22 kilometers long. According to NASA scientists, there was water in this hole at some point. Because stones were found on the side of that crater. NASA thinks the rocks came to this place due to some kind of tidal wave. Subsequently, the rocks erode into the air.

A long rocky path runs along the east-west edge of the Endeavor Crater. It is thought that water might have flowed along that path millions of years ago. Scientists think that a stream of water flowing from somewhere else would have accumulated in this cavity.

So far research is going on with this stream. The depth of the hole is about the same as the two football fields. So there is speculation in NASA about how and in what way Opportunity will send the rover into that hole.


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