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The sun has twin brothers! Claim scientists

The sun has twin brothers! Claim scientists

The mass of the sun is 99.632 percent of the total mass of the solar system. The speed of rotation around the Sun’s own orbit is very low, and the centripetal ball that is formed from this rotational speed is one-tenth of a millionth of the Sun’s surface gravity. Its structure is almost like a perfect sphere but slightly pressed like an orange towards the north and south poles.

The sun is made up of plasma or ionized gas. Since the position of the sun is constantly changing with respect to the earth, we get the value of this rotational speed as 28 earth days. Surprisingly, however, researchers have recently reported that the Sun has another twin brother. Two researchers published information on various topics.

Two researchers from UC Berkeley and Harvard recently reported the findings. According to researchers, the sun is not alone, it has one more twin star. Whose name is ‘Nemesis’. Not only that, the researchers said, the secret of the twin stars is behind the extinction of dinosaurs from the earth. Scientists say that all the planets in the solar system may not have come from the sun alone. Several planets in the solar system have also been created from Nemesis.

Scientists claim that Nemesis, 600 light-years away, is one of the reasons dinosaurs became extinct. The two researchers will give some new information after some more research in this regard – this is their demand.

The sun has twin brothers! Claim scientists


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