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a big crack in the chest of the sun!

a big crack in the chest of the sun!

NASA scientists have found a huge crack in the chest of the sun. They claim the rift could be several million miles larger in the future.

Although it is very scary to see the cracks, they also said that there is nothing to be afraid of. The downside is that the solar wind emitted from here will create a bit of a problem with the satellite or radio communication.

NASA’s Solar Dynamic Observatory has been monitoring the sun since 2010. They have identified these cracks. In the northern hemisphere of the sun, these cracks are seen by their rotating satellite.

NASA satellites find this huge hole in the star’s magnetic field. Through this fissure, some of the sun’s surface temperature of 5,500 degrees Celsius will traverse that magnetic field and spread into space.

Usually, such coronal holes are very common on stars. But this hole is much larger than the others and can take on a much larger size on the surface of the sun. Coronal holes that have low temperatures, energy, and gas also look a little darker.

The corona is the ring of plasma that surrounds the sun. Due to the low density of the gas, the corona or ring is seen somewhere blacker and brighter somewhere. When it looks very dark (there is less gas concentration, so less energy) then that condition is called the coronal hole. That looks a lot like a crack.

a big crack in the chest of the sun


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