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New record in Corona! In this first country, the daily infection is over 1 lakh

Coronavirus is on the rise in the country. This is the first time in India that the number of daily victims has crossed the 1 lakh limit. In one day, 48 people died in Corona (Covid 19).New record in Corona

This time Digital Desk: New record for corona infection (Covid 19) in the country. This is the first time the number of daily victims has crossed the 1 lakh limit. In the last 24 hours, 1 lakh 3 thousand 558 people have been newly infected with a corona in India. In one day, 48 people died of the virus. After losing Corona, 52,848 people recovered in one day.

The total number of infected people in the country is 1 crore 25 lakh 69 thousand 7 people. A total of 1 crore 16 lakh 72 thousand 138 people have recovered. The number of active cases in the country at the moment is 6 lakh 41 thousand 630.

The total number of dead is 1 lakh 75 thousand 101.

In this situation, Prime Minister Narendra Modi made it clear to the country’s top bureaucrats and health officials on Sunday that the boat should not be sunk ashore. According to sources, the Prime Minister has directed to find a way to bring the situation under control through area-based containment zones and partial lockdown in the Corona-affected states without lockdown across the country.

The Prime Minister thinks that last year there was a significant success in curbing the outbreak of corona by issuing lockdowns across the country, but it has had a significant impact on the livelihood of the people. In this situation, Modi fears that if the lockdown is to be announced again to control the second wave of Corona, then the country’s economy will not be able to recover. According to him, the most important thing in this situation is ‘people’s movement’ and ‘people’s participation, where the people of the country will fight according to anti-Corona rules.

Therefore, at the behest of the Prime Minister, the Center will launch a special campaign across the country to raise public awareness on the use of 100 percent masks and observance of safety rules.

The seven-day campaign will start tomorrow, Tuesday

The Uddhav Thackeray government has decided to impose a strict lockdown in Maharashtra over the weekend. Strict lockdown will continue from 8 pm on Friday to 6 pm on Monday. In addition, the night curfew will continue from 8 pm to 8 am tonight. Only emergency services are prohibited.

Meanwhile, do not make your eyes water in West Bengal. According to the state health department, 1956 people have been infected with a corona in the last 24 hours and four have died. At present, the number of active corona victims in the state is 10,153.

The recovery rate in the state is 99.55 percent. Till April 4, 5 lakh 83 thousand 615 people have been affected by corona in the state. 10 thousand 344 people have died. A total of 52 lakh 51 thousand 465 samples have been tested till Sunday.

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