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Not Brahmanbaria, this time the fight-vandalism is in London!

Not Brahmanbaria, this time the fight-vandalism is in London

Before the Brazil-Argentina match on Sunday (July 11) in the Copa America final. A large number of police were deployed in Brahmanbaria. Although the supporters of Argentina came out of the procession, the police fired chasing them.

That’s all. Nothing much happened in Brahmanbaria. But the horrific incident happened in London, a city thousands of miles away from Brahmanbaria.

Italy and England met on the same day in the Euro final. Before the match, the English supporters started rioting as they could not enter the field without tickets.

They set fire to buses on the streets, vandalized and beat up opponents – everything they did! While the match was going on in the field, the harassment of the English supporters was going on outside the field.

The game ended in a tiebreaker as there was a 1-1 draw in the full time of the match. Italy won 3-2 in a penalty shootout. Then began another filth of English supporters. On social media, they blame black footballers for this rate.

The English racist supporters were absolutely attacked by the blacks for missing the goal in the tiebreaker shoot-out! The notoriety of English supporters is known all over the world. But this time they overcame all the filth!

Source: EastWest BD

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this time the fight-vandalism is in London


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