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This person regularly drank poison and ate 35 kg of food!

This person regularly drank poison and ate 35 kg of food!

Digesting 35 kg of food a day is the word of mouth? That is what a Sultan of India used to do. Name Mehmud Begada (Mehmud Shah 1). His kingdom was in the present state of Gujarat in India. From 1458 to 1511, he ruled for about 53 years.

He loved to eat. That was his arm strength. He used to fill his stomach with the strength of his body. No less than 35 kg of food. But worse than that was his diet chart. He used to put poison on the food menu every day.

Thinking poison kills people! So how did that sultan survive? That was his specialty. He used to eat poison little by little every day. He also used to digest. The Sultan took this route so that no poison could affect his body. This incident is proof of how subtle the judgment of the political brain was then.

Sultan used to eat only one cup of honey for breakfast. He had butter and 50 bananas with him. He had 35 kg of food per day. Some days it would have been 36 kg. His dessert weighed a few kilos. This dessert was on his menu after every meal. The dessert weighed about 4.6 kg.

Even after all this, the sultan was hungry at night. After dinner, he would have two large bowls of meat filled with meat. When he was hungry at night, he ate them.

It may sound like a story. This has been reported by several tourists in Europe. Barbosa and Verthema mention this empire and sultan. – The voice of tomorrow


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