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Urine is more expensive than cow’s milk!

Urine is more expensive than cow’s milk!

Urine is more expensive than cow’s milk! That may seem strange to many? But the fact is true. And this strange fact happened in Rajasthan, India. The demand for cow urine is so high that it is being sold at a higher price than milk. In the wholesale market of the state, milk is being sold at Rs 15-30 per liter and urine at Rs 22-25 per liter.

According to a report published in The Times of India on Tuesday (July 24th), there is a huge demand for cow dung in the market and the fate of cattle breeders is also opening up.

The income of Kailash Gujjar of Jaipur, who has been selling milk for 20 years since the sale of cow urine in the province, has increased by 30%. He stays up all night collecting cow dung before falling to the ground.

“The cow is our mother,” he said. So I don’t feel like staying up all night to collect cow urine.

Meanwhile, a milk seller named Om Prakash Meena has already started buying cow urine from a cattle farm in Jaipur. “I sell one liter of cow dung at 30 to 50 rupees,” he said.

He said that farmers who use cow dung instead of pesticides are also in high demand. They spray cow dung to protect their crops from insects. Many people also use cow urine in religious ceremonies.

Mahran Pratap University of Agriculture and Technology in Udaipur uses 300-500 liters of cow urine per month for its organic farming project. They buy cow dung for 15 to 20 rupees per month.

Uma Shankar, the vice-chancellor of the university, said cow dung has become a source of additional income for farmers.

Rajasthan Animal Husbandry Minister Otaram Debasi said there are about 8,58,960 cows in 2,562 centers run by the state government.


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