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World record for having sex with 57 people in one day

World record for having sex with 57 people in one day

Different records are being made every moment in different parts of the world. But there are some records that will really surprise you. In 24 hours, a young man made an example of having sexual relations with 57 women.

A competition was held in Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic. The young man from Singapore has won by this terrible number. The competition was held in a Czech sex village in the middle of this year.

Earlier, in 1983, a pornstar made an example by having sexual relations with 55 women. Now that record has gone to a Singaporean. Although the new record holder does not want to reveal his name.

The young man, who did not want to be named, said he loves to have sex. He was excited to hear about this competition. Different pornstars took part in this competition. In the afternoon, he had sexual relations with 29 people. Then he looked a little weak. There was a physiotherapist. He massaged her and strengthened her.

He also said that he had sexual relations with 56 people by 11 o’clock. By then a new record had been set. He had a few more hours on his hands so he did not hesitate to increase the number a little more.

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