Some important tips from Devi Sethi to keep the heart healthy

Some important tips from Devi Sethi to keep the heart healthy

Devi Sethi, a renowned cardiologist, and surgeon from the subcontinent, is one of the top 10 surgeons in the world. He gave some urgent advice to avoid heart disease. They are-

1. Eat less sugary and fatty foods. And the amount of meat should be increased.

2. You have to walk for half an hour at least five days a week. Avoid getting on the elevator. You can’t sit still for long.

3. Need to quit smoking.

4. Weight must be controlled.

5. Blood pressure and sugar levels should be controlled.

. Eating non-vegetarian foods is not good for the heart.

. Everyone over 30 should have regular health checkups.

. There is no reason to think that everything in life will be perfect. So we have to change our attitude towards life.

9. Walking is better than jogging. When jogging, people get tired quickly and there is a pain in the joints.

10. Irregular eating habits push people towards junk food. And then the enzymes used for digestion are confused. So you have to eat a controlled diet, walk and eat nuts.

11. The best foods for the heart are fruits and vegetables. And the worst oily foods. Any oil is bad.

12. Regular blood tests should be done to ensure normal levels of sugar and cholesterol. Moreover, measuring blood pressure is also important.

13. In case of a heart attack, the patient should be put to bed first. Then place an aspirin tablet under the tongue. If available, a Sorbitrate tablet should be taken in addition to aspirin.

Then you have to take him to the hospital quickly. Because the most damage is done within the first hour.


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tips from Devi Sethi to keep the heart healthy


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