Four easy ways to identify liars!

Four easy ways to identify liars!

Many people in our society are seen to lie. But there are also people who steal your favorite thing right in front of your eyes and deny it in the moment of denial. So here are 5 easy ways to recognize these liars.

1. Ask Neutral Questions Try to determine if someone is telling the truth or a lie by asking some basic questions. For example, if someone tells the truth, he wants to know how he behaves. Do they stand firm or do they look at one another and tell the truth? Fear him while answering. So that he can answer spontaneously.

2. If you see someone’s face, you will understand that he is telling the truth or lying. When lying, there is no normality in the face. Many people’s faces turn black when they lie. Someone’s nose changes. Someone bit his lip. Someone’s forehead is folded again. No one can speak eye to eye again.

3. Pay attention to the structure of the sentence. To know whether someone is telling the truth or a lie, pay attention to the tone of his speech. When you lie, the tone of your voice changes a lot. They either lie too fast or speak too softly. The vowel is either high or new. The sentences become difficult. Because at that time they want the brain to work faster.

4. When someone lies blaming the other, they start the story with the other. Sheds light on one subject over another. If necessary, talk about other things.

5. Keep an eye on body language to find out if someone is telling the truth or a lie. There is no clarity in the body when lying. The whole body loses its fluidity. Hands and toes do not have strength. The shoulder is slightly bent.

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