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Some of the best home computer tips!

Some of the best home computer tips!

We know that the more computers are used, the more software and various utilities are installed, the slower it will be. That is to say, this is a normal process. There are also many other causes of computer problems. Some of the best home computer tips
Here are 10 essential tips to help speed up web surfing, increase laptop battery life, increase processor capacity, get Windows running faster, and increase PC life.
You can apply the tips or strategies mentioned in this article to your home computer. This will allow you to learn more and understand how PC and Windows work. If you can implement the strategies mentioned in this article, the speed of the PC will increase and the security of the system will be improved.

01. Accelerate web surfing

Web addresses such as do not really publish anything on a computer. When a web address is typed in the browser, the PC or router behind the screen must find the corresponding IP address that is needed to download the page. This is done using the Domain Name System (DNS). Your internet service provider i.e. ISP makes surfing less restrained and faster. Surprisingly different results can be obtained using DNS servers. This is because some ISPs block the type of website or content through their DNS. DNS servers, on the other hand, work much faster.
In Windows 7 and Vista, click the Start button, type Network, and click Network and Network Sharing Center. Now click on the connection, especially Local Area Connection or Wireless. In the dialog box that appears, click the Properties button and in the next dialog box, double-click Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP / IPv4). Now select ‘Use the following DNS server address.
Type and in the Preferred and Alternate DNS Server box to use Google’s DNS. Or type and to use OpenDNS. Now click on Ok to save the changes.
Click on the Start button in XP and click on Control Panel®Network and Internet Connection followed by Network Connection. Now right-click on the network connection and click on Properties. Then double click on Internet Protocol (TCP / IP) and follow the instructions above to change the DNS server. Click Ok to save the changes.

02. Accelerate Windows startup

Software that starts with Windows can slow everything down. So the user should make arrangements to launch only the necessary programs automatically.
This is best done through program settings, but there is no way to stop them from running Windows. So you should find an entry in the Startup folder of the Start menu.
In Windows 8 and Vista, click on the Start button and right-click on All Programs, and select the Open All Users option. XP users should select the Open All Users option by right-clicking on the Start button. Now after clicking on startup, you have to double click on Programs. Then move or delete the shortcut from this folder so that the corresponding program/application stops when Windows starts. If that doesn’t work, hold down the Windows key and press R. Now type MSConfig and press enter. Now select the Startup tab and remove the ticks from the desired programs that you do not want to start automatically. In this case, you will be able to identify disable issues.

03. Create super-secure wireless networks

Setting up WPA encryption on your home wireless network can prevent unwanted invalid access. However, restricting access to specific computers will make you more secure.
Every Wi-Fi-enabled device has a code, known as a media access control address known as a Mac or MAC. This MAC or MAC address can usually be printed as a label anywhere on the device. Or can be found in the software.
For example, for Windows PCs, first press the Windows key and then R. Then type cmd and press Enter, and in the cmd window type ipconfig / all and press Enter.
The MAC address of an adapter will be listed as the physical address. Most routers can filter connected devices via a Mac or MAC address. Some routers have an option that does not allow new devices to the network. Some routers have a page in the Wireless section, which is known as MAC Address Control. Click on it and add the MAC address that you want to approve. Now click on Apply and click on Apply Changes. Follow the router manual instructions for more details.

04. Speed ​​up the selected program

Windows can launch several different programs at once. It is natural that the speed of your work will decrease as a lot of work is going on. To fix this problem, Windows talks about more processing power for specific programs.
Now right-click on the Taskbar and select Task Manager. Now select the Processes tab
Find the program corresponding entry and right-click. Then you have to select a priority setting by setting Set Priority. However, choosing Realtime will not be right unless you are well-informed about your work.
The priority you have chosen is not permanent, so that set priority is forgotten when the PC is restarted. However, you can set the priority permanently using additional software.

05. Become anonymous and followable

Different existing web browsers have a private browsing mode, which allows you to limit the information recorded by the website you visit. However, the mark of your activity online will remain. There are many offers of protection for real anonymous. Download these. Anyone can use these to analyze your browsing.
This is certainly not the right way to track you, as there is more to track you
There are advanced ways.

07. Access to a computer remotely

There will come a time when it will be necessary to access from one computer to another, while others will probably offer or accept his help. The best way to test access to a computer from a distance is to sit with a problem computer, then try remote access. In this case, TeamViewer is an excellent tool. There are versions of Windows, iPad for this tool as well as Mac, Linux, and Android device versions.
The Windows version can be installed for regular use or used as a portable application. This means it leaves no trace behind.
It offers remote access to your trusted people. So it also offers full control over your computer and documents.

07. Improve battery life

Laptops can be extended using Windows 7 and Vista Power Scheme. This mode slows down the processor to save power and allows it to run at the fastest speed when needed. This work is done fairly immediately. So this activity can hardly be understood.
Click the Start button, type Power, and click Power Options. Now close the window by selecting the ‘Balanced (recommended)’ radio button.
Laptops use different settings, since laptops may have power connected, but not again. So this tip or strategy needs to be implemented twice. Once in the state of electricity connection, another time in the state of non-electricity i.e. without electricity connection. You can save very little battery life by choosing the Power Saver option. Although it reduces the performance a bit.

07. Extending the Windows desktop

The best way to get extra Windows desktop space is to add a second monitor. If you have a dedicated graphics card on your computer, there must be a second output socket. Before buying a new monitor, check this issue well. VGA sockets tend to be blue, while modern DVI types tend to be white. Some DVI sockets can be converted to VGA with an adapter, if there is a set of four pins.
Some of the best home computer tips



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