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Pain is blue when on Windows

Pain is blue when on Windows

Do you know the greatest experience of Windows operating system users? ‘Blue Screen of Death’ or blue screen error. Pain is blue when on Windows

There are hardly any users who have not encountered this. It is also the biggest experience for all Windows users in the world.

When this happens, all the work of the computer stops or hangs. Windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer.

This usually happens if there is a problem with the computer equipment and software. Many times it becomes very difficult to solve this problem properly. There are a few ways to get rid of this problem.

The cause of the problem

Hardware or software error

This can sometimes be due to a mechanical or hardware error in the computer. If the equipment does not work properly, all the work of the computer will suddenly stop and there will be such a problem with the blue screen. So first you have to see if any part is in trouble. This can happen if there is no coordination between the computer equipment. So when buying a computer, you have to choose good quality parts. If it is due to software, it should be understood that the virus has attacked the Windows registry. The registry contains all the configurations, settings, and database options of the Windows operating system. So if the virus attacks here, such a problem can occur directly.

If the dump file is created

For Blue Screen of Death, if the computer shuts down or crashes, a dump file is created on the system.

Stopping the system from creating dump files can solve the problem. For Windows Vista and 7, type Advanced in the Search box from the Start / Control Panel. From the search results, click View advanced system settings, then click Settings from Startup and Recovery below. Write an event to the system log and uncheck Restart automatically.

Select None from Write debugging information and click OK.

If there is a problem with the registry

Turn off the computer and turn it on again. Hold down F8 while turning it on. After a while select Safe mode from the list and press Enter. If you turn on computer safe mode, you need to clean the Windows registry and virus. For this, you have to scan the computer virus with any good antivirus registered. Basically scan the C: / drive well. It is better to use a software called C-Cleaner to clean the registry.

Download and install the software from the web address Click the Registry button and then the Scan for an Issue button. Wait a while and click on Fix selected issues. When the message arrives, press Fixed all issues.

Pain is blue when on Windows



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