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If the folder on the computer is not deleted

 If the folder on the computer is not deleted

A computer’s hard disk drive may need to create multiple folders within a single folder. Sometimes when it is created automatically, the viewing address (source) is quite long.

Because of this, the folder can no longer be copied, moved, or deleted. Names up to a maximum of 256 characters are usually used to create files and folders.

But when the number of folders created with this number of characters exceeds the limit, Windows cannot recognize that file or folder, so the Source or Destination Path too Long message is displayed and prevents it from being copied, moved, and deleted.

If you have such a problem, first scan the virus with the antivirus registered in the computer. Now select the first folder in which many folders have been created. Right-click on it and select Rename.

Now enter its name 1. In this way, go through each folder, rename it and enter 1. You can change the name by selecting the folder with the mouse and pressing the F2 key on the keyboard.

If there is more than one folder in the same folder, change the name of each by writing 1, 2, 3 in turn. Changing the name of all the folders in this way will reduce the number of characters in the folder name and shorten the long address, so there will be no more interruptions when deleting it.

Changing all the names, selecting the starting folder, and pressing the Delete button will delete all the files in that folder.

 If the folder on the computer is not deleted

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