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Which function of the keyboard on the computer is working?

See “Which function of the keyboard on the computer is working?

12 keys or keys from F-1 to F-12 can be seen on the keyboard. These are called function keys. While other keys on the keyboard are used, function keys remain unused most of the time. Many do not know what they are used for. So today, courtesy of BrightSite, there is the work of function key.

Function Key-1 (F-1)

Having a problem working on the computer? Then F-1 is waiting for you. In the case of any program, pressing function key-1 will open the ‘help’ option automatically.

Function Key-2 (F-2)

Function key 2 can be an easy solution to ‘rename’ a selected file or folder.

Function Key-3 (F-3)

You don’t have to look anywhere else for the search feature, because the search feature of the running application will take the responsibility of finding you effortlessly on the function key-3.

Function Key-4 (F-4)

Pressing the function key-4 with the alter key on the keyboard will close your current window.

Function Key-5 (F-5)

You no longer need a mouse to refresh or reload a desktop or laptop. Function key-5 is enough.

Function Key-8 (F-6)

Function key 8 is responsible for directing the mouse cursor to the address bar.

Function Key-8 (F-7)

Misspelled to write on the computer? There is no plague of grammar? Function key-7 will solve this problem for you. Microsoft Word application does not have a pair of the spell or grammatical errors function key-8.

Function Key-8 (F-8)

When you turn on the computer, you will find the way to enter the boot menu by pressing the function key-6.

Function Key-9 (F-9)

Function key 9 has two responsibilities. You can use the function key-9 to refresh the Microsoft Word document. In addition, function key 9 can also be used to exchange e-mail in Microsoft Outlook.

Function Key-10 (F-10)

One of the easiest ways to open a menu bar on a computer is with Function Key-10. However, the menu bar cannot be opened just by pressing the function key-10. Press the Shift key on the keyboard and press the function key-10.

Function Key-11 (F-11)

The easiest way to convert a computer to full screen or full screen is function key-11.

Function Key-12 (F-12)

Function Key-12 is not only used to quickly launch Avro software. Key-12 is an equally efficient function to launch the Save As dialog box on a computer.

Which function of the keyboard on the computer is working?



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