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How To Keep Your Computer New

How To Keep Your Computer New

To get better, I go to the doctor once a year for a physical examination. In order for the car to run well, you have to go to the garage and get it serviced. Computer

In the same way, you have to take care of your used electronic products. And then you will see that the old computer, laptop, tab, or smartphone is working like new. The online edition of the world-famous magazine Time offers some tips for keeping your computer fresh

Leave the desktop empty

Lazily, the emergency files may be kept on the desktop. Remove them. Your hard drive has plenty of space to store files. Leave the desktop empty, you will see that the speed of the computer will increase.

Eliminate unnecessary software

Many of us have this bad habit. Software that is never used is also installed and left on the computer. Avoid this bad habit. Remove software that does not work from the computer.

Do not upload all pictures

Thanks to smartphones and digital cameras, a lot of pictures are being taken now. There is a selfie. But where is the place to keep these pictures? Taking pictures with a good quality mobile camera now requires at least two to three megabytes of space. And if you want to keep all the pictures on your computer, that will take place. And the more space you fill the laptop, the more difficult it is to work. So selectively put pictures on the laptop.

Keep her tidy

Computer means a lot of it. Keep these in order and always try to use a good multiplug. So that the power flow to your computer is maintained properly. Using old wires or damaged multiplugs damages the computer. And if there is a problem with load shedding, keep a backup of the UPS with the computer.

Be careful on the internet

Many people spend a lot of time on the Internet for work or lazy time. Many times the virus spreads from the internet to the computer because the laptop does not have good quality anti-virus. So use good quality anti-virus on the computer.

Have regular servicing

Have computer servicing at least once a year. It may seem unnecessary but it will extend the life of your laptop. It is more effective to take care of it than to fix it after it has been damaged. Try to take the services of a trusted or known person or organization and do regular servicing from one place, it is guaranteed to be serviced properly.


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