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How to keep a computer or laptop cool

How to keep a computer or laptop cool

Many people use laptops in bed. As a result, dust accumulates on the cooling channel of the laptop and on the cooling fan. The device heats up because the air cannot escape. This is because most laptops have a cooling system next to or below the device. computer or laptop cool

When the laptop gets hot, it becomes slow. Learn how to keep your laptop cool and keep its performance normal.

First, you need to know if your laptop is overheating. If you always hear the sound of the laptop fan running at full speed, then you understand that the laptop has started to heat up. Also, your laptop will start to be slow when overheated. This is because when the laptop gets hot, the CPU automatically slows down.

If the laptop starts to overheat, this is the primary reason for the cooling channel of the laptop and the dust accumulated in the fan. If this dust is not cleaned, it is not possible to save the laptop from overheating.

So go to the laptop repair shop or sit at home, open the laptop yourself and clean the dust inside the fan. You can use a brush or a small vacuum cleaner for this. Or thermal grease can be used.

This is the way to clean. But how to clean or protect your new laptop from dust? In no way do not work by keeping your laptop directly on the bed. Always practice putting a laptop cooling pad or on top of a laptop stand.


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