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Here are some shortcuts to make your computer easier to use

Here are some shortcuts to make your computer easier to use

There are many shortcuts to running a computer that we do not know. How to run or lock quickly or what to look for first if there is a problem, these issues sometimes come up as very important. Reddit recently published a report on these issues, which was highlighted by The Independent.

1. Type ‘cmd’ in the address bar or in File Explorer to bring up the command prompt.

2. When working in Excel, press the ‘F8’ button to repeat the last command.

3. Want to take a screenshot of just a specific part of the screen? Find the ‘Snipping Tool’ in the Start bar. This will make the job easier.

4. Be sure to use a custom install if you have any idea about the issue when installing any software. The software will not install additional files, which will give several benefits.

5. You can bring the console to Google Chrome by pressing F12. You will find different options in it.

. Pressing the Windows key and direction arrow together will move your current window to the right.

. Windows Key OL will lock your computer.

. While browsing the website, holding the mouse cursor over a link and pressing the middle button or scroll button will open the link in a new window.

9. Pressing k while playing videos on YouTube will pause. On the other hand, if you press J and L, you will be forward and backward for 10 seconds.

10. When you press the keyboard control and Enter together, you don’t have to enter ‘www’ and ‘.com’ while browsing any website.

11. If you right-click on an image in Google order, it will search the image in Google. “


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