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Easily convert PDF to Windows 10!

Easily convert PDF to Windows 10!

To convert a file to Portable Document Format (PDF) you need to use third-party software. But Windows 10 users can convert files of any format to PDF using the Microsoft Print to PDF feature.

Print to PDF is a newly added native printer in Windows, which can be used to convert any file to PDF.

If you want to PDF any document file or picture you need, right-click on the file and press the Print button.

When the Print dialog box appears, select Microsoft Print to PDF from the printer list and press.

the Print button again to create a PDF of that document or image file.

If you do not see Microsoft Print to PDF in the list of printers, then it may be disabled in your Windows. To find out, select Devices from the Start menu by clicking on Settings. Clicking on Printers & Scanners from the list on the left will show the printers attached to Printers.

If you don’t see it, go to the Start menu and enable Turn Windows features on or off to enable it. Open by clicking on Windows features. Many important Windows services can be turned on or off here. Check the Microsoft Print to PDF list and click OK.

Restart the computer. Now you can convert files of all formats that can be printed on the printer to PDF files.


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