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Here are some easy ways to get your computer up and running quickly

Here are some easy ways to get your computer up and running quickly

Computer users have to deal with some common problems in their daily work. For example, if you turn on the computer, it will take more time to start. This can be a problem even if the computer is virus-free.
There is nothing to worry about if there is such a problem. Here are 3 easy ways to solve this problem. The ways are-

Keep the desktop clean

The easiest way to speed up boot time is to keep the desktop clean. This means that the more files, folders, photos, and programs are on the desktop, the more time it will take for the computer to start. You might think that a little folder is not something on the desktop, but it is a stress for the computer boot sequence that puts pressure on your RAM and slows down the whole process. Especially if your computer has a previous version.
But you don’t have to remove everything from the desktop. You can pin your favorite programs to the taskbar on a Windows computer.

Close programs that start automatically

Even if you turn off all programs before the computer turns off, some applications start automatically when the computer starts. And this is another reason to slow down the system. When you install some programs, you unknowingly set it to ‘launch at startup’. As a result. In this case, you can find this option in the menu of the program and turn it off.

Clear the temporary file

If you first click on Internet browsing after turning on the computer, you must delete the temporary files and cookies that have accumulated. Deleting cache and cookies will allow you to browse faster.
computer up and running quickly



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