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What to do for the security of your computer!

What to do for the security of your computer!

Every user should think about computer security. Viruses, worms, hacking, data theft can be prevented by following some rules. In this way, the security of the computer can be increased.

Firewall: Firewall is a special type of software system. It monitors incoming and outgoing internet connections. Firewalls work to prevent hackers from attacking and spontaneously spreading worms. It also controls a lot of computer security. In Windows operating system, go running and type firewall.CPL and press Enter.

The firewall settings will open. Then activate if necessary.

Antivirus software

If the responsibility for computer security is left to the antivirus software, then you must choose a good quality antivirus. There are many free antiviruses available but they do not have all the security benefits. No matter what you use, the antivirus needs to be updated all the time.

Password sorting

Most users are not careful when choosing a password for e-mail or Facebook. Easy to remember, everyone wants to use a password. But what is easier for you to remember is easier for hackers to guess.

So when choosing a password, use special keyboard characters! @ # $% ^ & Match passwords (such as P @ $$ W% R #). Then hackers or anyone else will not be able to guess easily, so you can be safe online.

Be careful on the internet

Many people do not use the Internet properly. Don’t understand and see interesting ads and refrain from clicking on them. Avoid clicking on e-mail links in e-mail spam folders without understanding them.

And be careful what kind of information you want to download. You are not downloading any worm or virus by mistake? Hackers and miscreants can always snatch your important information by showing you attractive internet ads and the lure of dollars.

So before you click on an interesting ad, click thoughtfully. Otherwise, with one click, you will never bring danger to your computer.


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