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How to Ways protect your computer from viruses

Ways to protect your computer from viruses

Computers today are much more modern and secure than previous computers. However, the more modern and secure the computer, the more powerful the computer viruses are. There are several steps that can be taken to keep your computer free of viruses.

Ways to avoid computer viruses:

  • Refrain from using pirated or cracked software. If you need to use it, download and use it from a trusted website.
  • Before using an external device (such as a pen drive) on a computer, scan for any viruses.
  • If you’re using Windows 10 or higher, be sure to keep the Wilt in Windows Defender antivirus up to date. And if it has Windows below it, then you can use any good company antivirus.
  • If you see a variety of ads after entering a website, don’t click on them without knowing it.
  • There are various tempting apps or apps of different offers online or on social media, don’t download them without knowing them.
  • If someone sends you a file on social media or in any case, do not open it without scanning it.
  • Many times tempting offers are made through e-mail, do not open the links of those offers without verification.
  • If you do not like Windows Defender, then you can use an antivirus from a good company. However, do not use heavy antivirus. On the contrary, your computer will be slow.
    Only awareness can protect your computer from virus attacks.

Everyone will be fine, stay healthy.


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