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What to do if your computer hangs!

What to do if your computer hangs

\Most of us use computers in our daily life for one reason or another. But many times when using the computer, you have to read with various difficulties. The computer gets locked while doing important work. Many people get annoyed with this. The computer hangs

Here are some ways to overcome this problem. Fox News reported the matter in a report.


This process is very common. If the computer does not work for any reason, press and hold the power button for five to 10 seconds to restart it. The computer will restart. But keep in mind that doing it too often can damage the computer.

The next process

If the computer freezes or locks frequently, you can do a few things. These tasks can be different depending on the problem. These are-

1. If it starts well

If the computer starts properly, remove your important files from there. Even if there is an important problem later, it will not cause the loss of the file.

2. If the computer displays boot options

If the computer displays the boot option after starting, then select start Windows normally for the first time. If you have more problems after starting it, then select Safe Mode. Then back up your data quickly. Also, if your computer causes more problems, take the next step.

One way to do this is to select “Safe Mode with Networking”. Then if there is no problem to run the computer, then you have to understand that the problem is with the software. And even then, if the computer freezes, it could be a hardware problem.

3. If the fridge immediately after turning on

If the computer freezes after reboot in both normal mode and safe mode, it may be due to both software or hardware problems. In this case, both issues must be noted.

Software troubleshooting

If your computer crashes due to a problem that cannot be diagnosed, open the Task Manager by pressing CTRL + SHIFT + ESC keys together. (In the case of Windows 8.1 and 10, you have to go to More details from Task Manager).

Then try to find the problem from your computer’s CPU, memory, and disk category. Determine if the graph of software is too high. Then if there is a problem with the computer, shut down or update the software.

You will find various hidden software running on your computer in Task Manager. These may include viruses. If any such software exists, update the virus guard and scan the entire computer thoroughly. Even if the computer is OK, you should have a good and updated virus guard at all times.

If the computer runs well in safe mode but has problems in normal mode, then remove unnecessary software from Autorun.

If the computer freezes when it starts, it can be considered as a problem of Windows. This may require you to reinstall Windows.

Hardware problems

If the computer is not turned on in both Safe Mode and Normal Mode, it can be a problem with the hard disk, CPU, power supply, or any such device. In rare cases, it can be a problem with the motherboard.

To diagnose hardware problems, it is usually necessary to look at specific hardware changes. There is also some software that can often diagnose hardware problems.

This situation can be overcome by following the above issues well.

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