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Some wrong habits in everyday beauty

Some wrong habits in everyday beauty

There is no substitute for beauty care in skincare. But if that beauty is not done in the right way, it will not be beneficial, but it will cause harm to the skin.

So let’s not know what is the wrong habit that causes skin damage-

No one cleans their hands to wash their face. Many people think that after washing their face, their hands become clean. But the germs you have on your hands first get into the skin and cause problems. So wash your hands first.

Many people wash their skin using a cleanser on dry skin, which causes a lot of damage to the skin. First, soak the skin with water then use a skin cleanser.

Many times after using various face masks or uptan, it is recommended to wash it with cold or hot water. Then we make a big mistake to use water at the right temperature. The skin should not be washed with too cold or too hot water.

Scrubbing is much more important for the skin. This removes the dead skin of the skin and removes the dirt that has accumulated deeply. Many people scrub the skin for a long time which is very harmful. Scrubbing the facial skin for more than 1/2 minutes should not be done at all. Because scrubbing for a long time causes permanent damage to the skin.

Wiping the face with anyone towel is not healthy for the skin at all. Be sure to set aside a face towel. If not, there is a possibility of skin infection.

Never wipe the skin with a towel or cloth. This causes severe damage to the skin tissue. Just hold the towel or cloth and absorb the water from the skin.


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