Fairy tales Story

The story of the serious queen

The story of the serious queen

Long ago, there was a king in China. Elephants in the king’s barn, horses in the barn, happiness and peace throughout the kingdom. The prestige of the king’s subjects was all. The story of the serious queen The king

There was just happiness in the mind. The king seemed to be alone from the empty. In fact, the king of that country had everything, not just one queen. So this is a mental illness.

One day the king decided to take his soldiers and feudal lords in search of the queen. It works as you think. The king set out with his strongest horse and his seven most faithful and strong soldiers in search of the queen, from country to country. Go to different countries. What a beautiful princess of so many countries. Their various qualities.

The story of the serious queen (Fairy tales Story)

But the king’s mind is not full. Somewhere that girl will remind the king of the peace of two bars, that happiness.

One day the king and his army came to the shore of a lake. It was getting late, so he decided to stay the night.

He called the soldiers and ordered them to pitch a tent by the lake. While the dinner was being arranged, a strangely beautiful melody came to the king’s ears. The king came to the lake in search of that melody and saw a girl sailing a small boat in the moonlight. Seeing the beautiful magical face of that girl in the moonlight, an unknown wave rose in the king’s chest.

As if he had been looking for this girl for so long. This girl is singing that strange sweet song. The king called his soldiers and told them to call the girl.

The boat came ashore. The king took the girl by the hand and brought her to the shore, invited her to dinner with him. The girl accepted the invitation and sat down with the king in his tent.

The king told him about his love in various words.

He said he wanted to take her to the country as his queen.

The girl heard and asked, “He saw her for the first time today, you don’t even know her well, but why do you want to make her queen?” On hearing that, the king told the girl who she was. He also said that he had been looking for someone like him in the country and abroad for a long time.

The king assured her that he would fill her with all his love. Take care of all his happiness. On hearing this, the girl agreed to his proposal and agreed to marry him. The king’s joy is no more. The next morning he set out with his army on his way to his capital.

But in the midst of so many words, the king forgot to ask the girl’s name. The king asked, “What is your name?” The girl said her name was Gina. He has come here from different countries.

But he did not say more than that. The king noticed Gina silently. No one is saying that. When the king asked him about his depression, he said, “No worries, everything will be fine.”

The king returned to the country. He married the girl he longed for. The festival of joy lasted for three days across the country. Everyone is very happy to have a new queen.

The king’s mind was filled with joy in different colors. But alas … there was no smile on the queen’s face. The queen has shouldered all her duties and responsibilities. All the people of the state are very happy to get the queen. But, there is a strange sadness on the queen’s face.

The king has repeatedly asked the queen if she had any difficulty or grief in the palace. The queen gives him no answer. Keep quiet

The king did something to put a smile on his queen’s face, a lot of jokes, a lot of jokes, but the queen didn’t have a smile on her face. The king did not use any means to put a smile on the queen’s face. One day, a fancy way to bring a smile on the face of the queen.

He called his most trusted adviser and said that when he was in his room in the evening with the queen, he would come and say that foreign troops were coming to the door, that his palace was about to be occupied.

After dinner that day, the king was in his bedroom with his queen. The king was sitting on his couch, shaking hands, and the queen was combing his hair. At that time his council came running and said –

“Your Majesty, foreign troops have come to occupy the palace gates, so hurry up.” On hearing this, the king hurried to get up from the couch and all the ink got stuck in his face instead of his prayer. Seeing this, the queen burst out laughing. Seeing the smile of the king and queen, he started jumping with joy. Eventually, his approach worked.

He told the queen that he had done this to make her smile. Hearing that, the queen burst out laughing twice.

But the next day the sadness returned to the queen’s face. The smile on the queen’s face was lost again. The king thought that something sad must have happened to the queen in the past, so his sadness came back again and again. At that time an envoy of the king came running and informed – “Your Majesty, foreign troops have come and occupied the gate, and it is not too late to capture the palace.” The king thought that he was saying this to make the queen smile. The king said, “The queen will not laugh at this, envoy. But alas! There is no way. The envoy said, “Maharaj, this time the foreign troops have really attacked the palace.” The king came out and saw that his palace was surrounded by foreign troops. Cannonballs are falling on the palace.

The king shouted and called his soldiers. But by then it was too late. The foreign king came and killed the king’s army. The king also had to give his life in his hands. Foreign kings came and occupied his kingdom, his palace, and even his queen. The king paid tribute to his queen Jinnah’s laughter.

The story of the serious queen (Fairy tales Story)



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