Fairy tales Story

The Fairy tale Story Red Shoes Karen

The Fairy tale Story Red Shoes Karen

Karen is a very poor girl. He has no shoes, he walks barefoot. One day a woman saw him lying helpless on the street. He was fascinated to see Karen. He adopted Karen. Then she bought him a nice pair of red shoes. The Fairy tale Story Red Shoes Karen

Karen wants to go to church after her favorite red shoes when she’s a little older.

Karen thinks only of her red shoes when she goes to church for worship. At the end of the service, the pastor rebuked Karen, saying that she was a young Christian and that it was not right for her to go to church wearing shoes.

The Fairy tale Story Red Shoes Karen

Karen also took off her red shoes at the religious ceremony the following Sunday. This time Karen only thinks about what it looks like to see her all the time during worship. Then, as he walked out of the church, his shoes began to dance on their own.

Karen was returning home in a horse-drawn carriage. Inside the car, Karen kicks an elderly woman mercilessly, and the driver removes the pair of shoes from her feet. The older woman became ill. It is Karen’s job to serve the sick woman, but she is busy with a ball instead. Forgetting to serve an elderly patient, Karen wants to dance again in her shoes. When Karen started dancing, her shoes came alive automatically. They take Karen down a dark alley to dance. Frightened she tries to take the shoes off her feet but the shoes get stuck completely with her feet. She dances in the fields and bushes, in the rain, and in the sun for a long time.

While dancing inside the cemetery, he saw a fairy. The fairy tells him that he has to dance until he dies and that he will continue to dance when there are nothing left in his body but bones.

Karen danced endlessly in the hills, deserts, and cut bushes until the skin on her feet was torn and bloody.

He finally came to one of the executioners and requested that his leg be amputated, so that he could be freed from this cruel torment.

The executioner did as Karen wished. But the shoes were still dancing with her legs detached from her body.

Karen kisses the executioner’s hand with which the man cut Karen’s leg. The man-made small wooden legs and a pair of crutches.

Karen now wants to go to church to repent of her mistake. But whenever he goes to church, his red shoes appear in front of him. Then they dance in front of the church door, so that Karen can’t get inside.

Karen came home crying. Finally one day the fairy comes to him again. She sees Karen crying and repenting for her mistake and turns her small room into a church so she can pray. Karen is so happy that one day her heart melts. Then he died.

The Fairy tale Story Red Shoes Karen


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