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The world is being destroyed this year

the world is being destroyed this year

The end of the world is near. Earth 6 is going to be destroyed in October 2018 Such a terrible truth has come up in the research of researcher David Mead This famous truth has come up in his famous book ‘Planet X: The 2016 Arrival’. A huge planet will come and hit the earth hard And that is why this planet will break and crumble. The world is being destroyed this year

This terrible event is going to happen in September and October this year And there is burning evidence that this destruction is inevitable The rich people of the world have already built new bunkers to survive in this devastating situation.

“People are being kept in the dark about this so that there is no panic,” he said. The magnitude of the earthquake will also increase strongly The level of vibration will also increase as the days go by. Theorists claim that there is a planet after Neptune is known as Planet X or Nibiru. The theorists claim that the planet is going to destroy the earth Earlier, in December and September 2015, planet X was about to destroy the earth.

Although NASA has reported on the matter, Niburu’s claim is completely unfounded There is no evidence of this matter If Earth were destroyed for this planet next October, the planet would already be visible in the sky. That is what NASA astronomers have claimed.



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