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This time Italy-Argentina will face the Super Cup!

This time Italy-Argentina will face the Super Cup

Italy and Argentina have just won titles on their respective continents. This time they can play against each other.

Giorgio Chiellini’s Azure may face Lionel Messi’s La Albiceleste in the fight for the continental best in the Super Cup.

The South American football governing body, according to the New York Times’ Date Panjar. After some time of discussions between Conmebol and UEFA, the decision is now almost finalized.

Naples, the workplace of Argentine legend Diego Maradona, may have witnessed this historic battle.

In addition to winning the World Cup for Argentina, Maradona is still practically revered in the port city for making history by winning the Serie A title for Napoli.

That is why it is heard that the match between the two teams is being planned in this city of Italy. However, the plan of the match between the continental best is not new, but quite old.

For many years, title-winning teams from around the world faced each other in the Confederations Cup. This has been seen in 2016 as well. That time Germany won the Confederations Cup. However, after that, it was decided not to organize the tournament anymore.

Even if that tournament doesn’t start, the best two teams from the two most powerful football continents could face each other in a match like the Super Cup.

However, due to the busy schedule of football and keeping Corona in mind, it is not possible to make that match now. The match could be held sometime before the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

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This time Italy-Argentina will face the Super Cup


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